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Rising BTC provides award-winning investment solution
for both amateur and senior investors.

We present profitable progressive investment solution which satisfies any demanding investor.

If you are looking for a secure and profitable bitcoin investment with hourly earnings, you have come to the right place.
Our company is involved in development of fast-growing crypto-currencies market and highly profitable trade on crypto-exchanges.
There are strong guarantees of attractive long-term returns and satisfaction.

    10 Investment Stages

  • Starter
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 3
  • Stage 4
  • Stage 5
  • Stage 6
  • Stage 7
  • Stage 8
  • Stage 9
  • Ultimate

Week Duration

Day Duration

Hourly Accrual for every 168 hours (every week)

Release Fee

Week 1 Day 1 - 7 0.11% hourly (2.64% daily) for the 1st week 10%
Week 2 Day 8 - 14 0.12% hourly (2.88% daily) for the 2nd week 9%
Week 3 Day 15 - 21 0.13% hourly (3.12% daily) for the 3rd week 8%
Week 4 Day 22 - 28 0.14% hourly (3.36% daily) for the 4th week 7%
Week 5 Day 29 - 35 0.15% hourly (3.60% daily) for the 5th week 6%
Week 6 Day 36 - 42 0.16% hourly (3.84% daily) for the 6th week 5%
Week 7 Day 43 - 49 0.17% hourly (4.08% daily) for the 7th week 4%
Week 8 Day 50 - 56 0.18% hourly (4.32% daily) for the 8th week 3%
Week 9 Day 57 - 63 0.19% hourly (4.56% daily) for the 9th week 2%
Week 10 ++ Day 64 ++ 0.20% hourly (4.80% daily) forever Free

Min deposit amount: Ƀ 0.010

Max deposit amount: Ƀ 1000.000

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Estimate Your Profits

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    Deposit Duration   (days) :

Profits Value   (Ƀ) : 0.00000000

Rising Group Limited operates with the most popular type of crypto-currency exclusively - Bitcoin. The minimum deposit amount that you can start working with Rising BTC is affordable Ƀ 0.01 and the maximum deposit amount is Ƀ 1000. Deposit creation is fully automatic. However, due to the nature of Bitcoin transactions, your deposit payment should have at least 4 confirmations over the Bitcoin network to be added as a deposit automatically by our system. Usually, it takes anywhere between 30 minutes up to some hours.

Rising BTC presents an unique investment portfolio which consist of 10 stages with progressive interest rate. You will receive increased interest rate gradually in stages when you decide to stay with us and keep supporting us further, as our appreciation to your fidelity. The longer you choose to support us, the more growing interest rates you will get, thus the more profits you will earn on your investments in return. You will start receiving 0.11% hourly (2.64% daily) interest rate and every week (every 7 days or every 168 hours) it will automatically increased by 0.01% until reach 0.20% hourly (4.8% daily). Thereafter, you will constantly receive 0.20% hourly (4.8% daily) interest rate forever.

Moreover, we offer flexible feature of investment conditions. You are free to decide your own investment term at your own discretion. We guarantee return of your initial deposit at anytime you wish 24 hours after your deposit creation and charge only a modest deposit management fee that depending on your deposit holding term. Please refer to our table above for the related fee. However, we recommend that you stick to the term of 64 days or more (week 10++) in order to get your initial deposit release for free.

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