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1. Registration

To become a client of Rising BTC you only need to go through a simple registration process, which will take just a moment. You need not to identify your identity or provide any documents. We offer an absolute anonymous investment service, the maximum protection of your personal information. You only need to provide your valid email address during the registration process, our system will automatically create your unique username and password, then send it to your provided email address. Make sure you check your Spam box as well.

2. Add your Bitcoin wallet address

Once you have registered your personal account and received your login credentials, you can then login to your account and immediately add your Bitcoin wallet address you want to use in the future to make your deposit and withdraw profits. Adding of Bitcoin wallet address is available in your account at "Settings" section. You can also change your login credentials in that section.

3. Deposit Creation

Please familiarize yourself with the terms of our offered progressive investment solution. Once you have familiarize yourself with us, you can proceed to the creation of deposit. Note that we accept only Bitcoin. Go to "Make Deposit" section, fill in your desired deposit amount, click on "Make Your Deposit" button and you will find the Bitcoin address that you need to transfer to on the next page. The minimum amount you can invest is affordable 0.01 BTC. Your deposit will be added automatically after 4 confirmations over the Bitcoin network. In most cases, it will take anywhere between 30 minutes up to some hours.

4. Earn profits

Sit back and Relax! Certainly Rising BTC offers unlimited earnings opportunity. With us, you can make your first positive step in the world of high-yielding crypto investments. Rising BTC accrues earnings and payouts to our clients on each and every calendar day, from Monday to Sunday - forever! Your investment has officially started right after we received your deposit funds and you will receive your hourly profits in every hour. The first accrual of earnings will take place in 1 hour (60 minutes) after your deposit creation - after we receive your deposited funds.

5. Profit withdrawals

Applying for the profits withdrawal can be done at any time and it will be processed automatically and instantly. The minimum limit of funds that a client can withdraw from his or her account is 0.001 BTC and there is no maximum limit of withdrawal. Moreover, there are no any hidden fees being charged to withdraw your funds.

6. Tracking of Transaction

In case if you are interested in the whole list history of transactions or you'd like to find some specific operation, please go to the "Transactions" section within your account to learn the history of transactions that carried out on your account.

7. Participate in Partnership Program

Looking for simple, straightforward ways to gain good profits from attracting new clients to the company? Referring people to Rising BTC takes little effort and can pay off with big rewards. Various of advertising materials for referring potential clients can be found in the "Promotion Banners" section within your client area. Promote our company's services and gain a solid 5% rewards from each deposit of your downlines.

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