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Rising Group Limited was founded in 2016, we are Great Britain officially registered company under No. 10536095. Rising Group Limited is involved in development of fast-growing crypto-currencies market and highly profitable trade on crypto-currencies exchanges. There are strong guarantees of attractive long-term returns and satisfaction. Using of variety of trading instruments, as well as compliance own rules of risk-free trading make company investment proposal for the client not only profitable, but also safe. Financial assets are managed by professional traders and market analysts with a deep knowledge of fundamental analysis for the most probable forecast of the market trends.

We call upon worldwide investors since March 2017.

A simple example: by buying each new crypto-currency or any other instrument, we get a chance to sell it and gain profit, and therefore our company is interested in the investors' new funds to purchase/sell new assets and gain even higher profits.

Each investment activity has a certain degree of risk. The more significant the potential profit, the higher the risks that you come across. Our company is trying to find an optimal solution to provide the most suitable balance between the profit and the risks. We guarantee our clients the preservation of their funds and full repayments in accordance with the investment plan. In order to receive additional information on this issue, visit "About us" page.

Rising BTC has a stabilizing fund that grows after every operation performed. This fund is enough to cover 90% of investors' losses. However, over the time of our work our trading strategy has not failed, that is why you don't have any reasons for extra worries.

To join in our project you can simply register on our website. Before the registration, we recommend you to read our "Terms of Services".

You can contact our client Support service using the corresponding connection button, or by direct email to support@risingbtc.com

Your funds are protected with our investment strategy that includes creating an insurance fund. We also provides highly secure platform that keep our users safe from today's online threats by using Comodo EV SSL, Site Lock, TrustWave, McAfee, AVG and DDOS-Guard hosting provider. We have also setup hourly backup of our database.

In order to receive any informational support you can contact our client support services of Rising BTC by send direct email to support@risingbtc.com. We are always happy to assist you!

Investing with our investment program is easy and takes only a moment. Simply click on a sign up button and fill in your valid email address. As soon as you are done, you will receive your login credentials and you will be able to login and create your first deposit.

Each client can open and manage only one account.

There is no such need. We offer an absolutely anonymous online investment service.

We don’t collect or divulge the information, received from our clients, to any third party.

To recover your password, use the "Password Recovery" feature on the Login Page. Detailed instructions will be sent to your e-mail address provided during account registration.

This is not possible due to security measures taken by to prevent any misuse. If you need to have your e-mail changed, please, contact our support and provide necessary information. We will review this case by case and inform you within 1 business day.

Yes. Please go to "Settings" section within your personal account.

Yes. Please go to "Settings" section within your personal account.

Rising BTC presents an unique investment portfolio which consist of 10 stages with progressive interest rate. You will receive increased interest rate gradually in stages when you decide to stay with us and keep supporting us further, as our appreciation to your fidelity. The longer you choose to support us, the more growing interest rates you will get, thus the more profits you will earn on your investments in return. You will start receiving 0.11% hourly (2.64% daily) interest rate and every week (every 7 days or every 168 hours) it will automatically increased by 0.01% until reach 0.20% hourly (4.8% daily). Thereafter, you will constantly receive 0.20% hourly (4.8% daily) interest rate forever.

The clients receive their profits everyday including weekend and holidays in hourly accrual.

We operate exclusively with the most popular crypto-currency - Bitcoin only.

The minimum deposit amount to create the deposit is only as low as Ƀ 0.01 and the maximum deposit amount is Ƀ 1000.

Deposit creation is fully automatic. However, due to the nature of Bitcoin transactions, your deposit payment should have at least 4 confirmations over the Bitcoin network to be added as a deposit automatically by our system. Usually, it takes anywhere between 30 minutes up to some hours.If your deposit has not received after 6+ confirmations, please contact our client support department by providing your deposit transaction hash/Tx and we will check it for you.

The first accrual of funds will take place in 1 hour (60 minutes) after the deposit creation.

Each member has the right to have an unlimited number of active investments at once. There are no limitations pertaining to the number of deposits you can make into an account. In fact, this event is encouraged, since it increases the company's turnover.

We have no automatic compounding feature implemented. However, you are free to make new deposits by re-investing from your Account Balance. It works the same as compounding feature. Just be aware that you need to have at least Ƀ 0.01 in your balance to re-invest.

Rising BTC offers flexible feature of investment conditions. You are free to decide your own investment term at your own discretion. We guarantee return of your initial deposit at anytime you wish 24 hours after your deposit creation. Please note that the longer you choose to stay with us, the more growing interest rates you will get, thus the more profits you will earn on your investments in return.

We charge only a modest deposit management fee that depending on your deposit holding term. Please refer to our investment table for the related fee. However, we recommend that you stick to the term of 64 days or more (week 10++) in order to get your initial deposit release for free.

Please go to your "Deposit Management" section, click on the "Release" button and follow the instructions. Your initial deposit will be immediately transferred to your account balance and you will be able to withdraw it.

All withdrawal request are completely done automatically and instantly. After you create a withdrawal request, usually several seconds pass to fulfill the operation of funds withdrawal. Any delays with payments can occur only due to our API provider or the Bitcoin network issue. In this case, administration lives the right to resolve the payout up to 24 hours when necessary.

The minimum amount of withdrawal is Ƀ 0.001 (1 mɃ) and there is no maximum limit.

You may contact our support department via direct email or the contact form. You are allowed to change your upline only once.

Each registered user of Rising BTC can become our partner to receive additional income as partnership commission.

Yes, you can receive the partnership commission without being an active investor in Rising BTC. It's absolutely free.

No. This is prohibited activity and will result in the termination of all services provided and deactivation of all related accounts.

You can find Rising BTC ad banners from the "Promotion Banners" section within your personal account.

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