Relax, your wife will not know what you're doing at night with money

The main administrator of Bitcoin Video Casino in an interview for CNN commented on his workplace in the following way:

Bitcoin Video Casino offers players complete anonymity - we do not track or IP addresses, we do not force to register and provide any data.

Accounts are created on a regular basis during the visit

Bitcoin Jackpot

The Bitcoin Video Casino bitcoin pays a record reward for 2017 - 259.74 BTC Bitcoin Video Casino has recently paid a record prize for a 0.1 BTC bet placed in the machine by an anonymous player "# 28ea0d38e1". An even more impressive looking value of $ 345 027.67 is just the nineteenth result in the history of the online Bitcoin Video Casino, the largest payment of which was 765.65 BTC for a 0.2 BTC unit, which took place in May 2014. This amount is currently worth about $1 012 300.43.

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Name : Anonymous Casino

Type : Bitcoin casino

Verified : Yes

Platform : BTC, ETH, LTC

Prize pool : 10.00000000 BTC

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Bitcoin Jackpot information

The lucky ones from the record list were satisfied with the following amounts: 634,53, 605.66, 483.4, 479.36, 405.48, 375.32, 371.19, 353.26, 329.521, 308.96, 307.35, 307.2, 298.21, 282.04, 280.04, 280.15 and 276.61. All of them were "created" from plants with a maximum cost of 0.2 BTC.

Bitcoin casino

Bitcoin casino, as you can see, quite extensive. We have posted here some interesting threads and stories, from payment methods, through offered games, amenities and promotions. Is it possible to create a statement with specific deposits on this basis? This task is properly feasible. We mentioned that Bitcasino Casino is the only place we know only for Bitcoins. This is a strong asset, but sometimes also a curse. In this matter, they certainly win, but considering all the factors, pros and cons, it falls to individual preferences, regarding even the appearance of a business card or customer service. The Bitcoin online casino is a big challenge, but still new. Thanks to this, you know that players will be pampered. It's worth trying your hand at what we warmly recommend from this place.

Emergence of casinos

The emergence of casinos addressed exclusively to Bitcoin users has allowed for the opening of a completely new class of internet places for tryouts for gamblers. The scale of bonuses proposed by this type of site is as wide as that available in regular casinos. At first, the situation looked much poorer in this respect, because the owners of bitcoin casinos preferred not to launch a larger offer until the market attracts a larger number of players.

Advantages of bitcoin casinos:

Unique payment methods that give huge resources to play and start your adventure.

Excellent website mechanisms: responsiveness, speed, simplicity and intuitiveness of the use itself.

Great customer service, which can also explain what is the use of Bitcoins.

Numerous promotions allow you to start playing with a substantial account balance. They also support active players who have been on the site for a long time.

Registration is simple, it does not require any payments and tons of entry forms.

Virtual bitcoin casinos

Virtual bitcoin casinos offer players traditional gambling games, such as roulette, poker, Blackjack or even bones, even their style refers to the classic machines that can be found in Las Vegas. From the opinions that can be obtained from players, Bitcoin Video Casino offers you the immediate option of withdrawing money or making a deposit and start the game, so if you want to start the game (at which we call for moderation) - you can start right now.

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